Get Rich & Stay Wealthy

Get Rich & Stay Wealthy

taught by Kim Harris
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Kim Harris
Kim Harris
The Legacy Creator™

About the instructor

Kim Harris,Principal/Owner

Certified Business Development & Cash-Flow Consultant

As SBA Women in Business Champion, Certified Business Development and Cash-flow Consultant, Kim provides guidance, information, and education that will empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to become financially capable.  As a seasoned Overages Specialist, Kim help others to navigate the process for collecting profits on tax overage sales in the real estate game.

 Sharing information and resources for access to business capital, build strong business credibility, use other people's money through grants, sponsorship, and credit lines.  

With 25+ years of business development experience in the financial and nonprofit sectors, she is armed with funding resources that help her clients experience financial viability.  She is credited with securing millions of dollars in funding for all types of businesses.

She helps people to live remarkably and create a legacy worth leaving behind.

Are you looking for a simple strategy to build wealth for now and the future?  

You're in the right place...

This course will help set you on the path to building your wealth legacy with principles and tools you can implement today.

Learn ...

  • The Seven Prosperity Principles
  • The Four Money Archetypes
  • The Five Pillars of Wealth Creation
  • The Single Most Important Item You Must Have to Pass Your Legacy to Loved Ones

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