How To Write a Program Grant Proposal (Successfully!)

How To Write a Program Grant Proposal (Successfully!)

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Winning Proposal | taught by Kim Harris

Course description

Are you looking to secure grant support from a major corporation, the government, or private foundation?

Well, this course is for you!

The grant-seeking process all boils down to one thing: Getting funding support from a grant-maker. Few have mastered the art of crafting a winning proposal to not only capture a grant-maker's attention, but establish a lasting relationship that will benefit your organization in the long term.

My experience as a nonprofit executive director has provided me with opportunities to speak directly with grant-makers, and corporate community liaisons to learn the perfect formula for crafting a winning proposal. Over the past 15 years, I have been successful in securing millions in grant support and sponsorship for my organization and others.

This Master-Class will give you a step-by-step process to developing your unique proposal. This is a learning "intensive", where you will engage in exercises for each chapter of the course. This will facilitate the composition of your proposal.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What You Need to Know to Get Started
  • Tips on Writing
  • Overview of the Completed Proposal Package
  • Elements Necessary for your Proposal - Each element is covered in its own chapter with worksheets, and homework
  • What to Include in Your Budget
  • How to Research Prospects
  • How to Initiate Contact with Prospects


All Master-Class students will receive the following bonuses at no extra charge ~

  • Proposal Critique (Value $97)

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Kim Harris
Kim Harris
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Kim Harris,Principal/Owner

Certified Business Development & Cash-Flow Consultant

As SBA Women in Business Champion, Certified Business Development and Cash-flow Consultant, Kim provides guidance, information, and education that will empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to become financially capable.  As a seasoned Overages Specialist, Kim help others to navigate the process for collecting profits on tax overage sales in the real estate game.

 Sharing information and resources for access to business capital, build strong business credibility, use other people's money through grants, sponsorship, and credit lines.  

With 25+ years of business development experience in the financial and nonprofit sectors, she is armed with funding resources that help her clients experience financial viability.  She is credited with securing millions of dollars in funding for all types of businesses.

She helps people to live remarkably and create a legacy worth leaving behind.

Kim Harris
Business Development Consultant
SBA Women in Business Champion
Certified Nonprofit Managment
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